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Physiotherapy for Babies & Children


Parents often need guidance and help with their baby’s development.

Babies benefit greatly from assessment and treatment.

The following conditions are quite common and respond really well to treatment:

  • Following a difficult or traumatic birth
  • Difficulties with Breastfeeding
  • Torticollis
  • Poor eye contact
  • Baby not rolling
  • Developmental delay
  • Bonding & Attachment issues
  • Problems with settling
  • Difficulties with sleep



Children go through many stages as they grow and develop. Physiotherapy can really help children to improve co-ordination, balance and confidence in their ability to master control of their own body movement. Today’s lifestyle often means that children miss out on some of the key building blocks to gross motor development. Consultation and assessment followed by a tailor made treatment plan ensure that children reach their full physical gross motor potential. The following conditions are frequently see:

  • Balance issues
  • Co-ordination problems
  • Falling
  • Scoliosis
  • Back pain
  • Tendonitis
  • Strains / Sprains
  • Sports injuries


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"Patricia helped me in ways with my baby that I did not even know were possible. My daughter was born by c-section and was a baby who startled very easily. When I first brought her to Patricia at 2 weeks old she could immediately see that my baby was very activated and was finding it hard to regulate and stay in the calm zone for long periods. The work she did with my baby was transformative. She became a very settled, contented baby who was easily able to transition from being calm to active and back to calm again. I have learnt so much from Patricia as a new Mum and she really gets you to see everything from the baby’s perspective.
She gave me huge confidence to take the time to really understand my baby so I could respond best to her and bond deeply with her. She thought me about her energy and different signals so that I could understand better how to support her. She gave me brilliant advice on really gentle techniques for settling my baby, giving her her first baths, encouraging her to roll and all the key developmental milestones. She has been a blessing to me as a Mum and I have learnt so much from her and my daughter has gained so much from her sessions . I love her gentle, kind approach with babies and it’s enabled me to truly enjoy every moment with my little girl"

Olivia Leonard

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