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Equine Physiotherapy

Horses and ponies really benefit from treatment. The physical work that they do, whether it is eventing, hunting, dressage, show jumping, polo, games or western involves many stresses and strains to the equine body.

Treatment releases tight tissues and restores balance, allowing horses and ponies to have more full use of their bodies and to move with greater freedom and ease.

Patricia loves to work with and treat horses and ponies and as you can see in the photos they really appreciate her work!

Rainbows End
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Rainbows End Clinic Equine Physiotherapy

"The Mother and Child Programme is a brilliant program providing in-depth knowledge of the physical, emotional and mental aspects of conception, birth and beyond and offering a set of skills focusing on facilitating change to help mothers and babies with difficulties. Ongoing support and valuable feedback from Patricia made it a truly transforming learning experience on both a professional and personal level!"

Zsofia Szendrei

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