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Birth & Prenatal Therapy

breast feeding issues, birth trauma, colic, bonding & attachment, unsettled baby

Treatment For Babies

  • Feeding issues, breast feeding and bottle feeding.                                                                                                            Feeding problems may be caused by restrictions in the neck and around the head. Tightness in the shoulders, and body can your baby feeling uncomfortable and uneasy lying on their back or side.
  • Birth trauma
  • Infant colic
  • Unsettled baby, problems with sleeping, self regulation
  • Bonding & attachment
  • Floppy baby syndrome
  • Developmental delay

All of these issues respond very well to treatment



Birth work background

Birth is the doorway through which we enter into this world

For Baby, Birth is a momentous transition……………………………….

inside to outside,

water to air,

total protection and dependance in the womb, to the start of independance.

It is a lot of firsts:

first breath, first cry, first hold, first touch, first feed, first nappy

It takes time to adjust to life outside the womb….

Prenatal & Birth therapy works with both mother and baby.

It helps baby come more into their body, frees out any physical restrictions from the birth experience, helps with baby development and strengthens the bond between mother and baby. It is really beneficial where there has been birth trauma, where there are any difficulties with breastfeeding, where there is colic like symptoms or difficulty with settling baby.

For Adults wishing to work with their early patterns

  • womb twin patterns, birth patterns, early childhood patterns
  • work with inexplicable patterns such as ‘why can’t I move on’
  • To change the setting we need to go back to the beginning to where the dial was set


At  Rainbows End Clinic Tara, Aura-Soma oils bring a lightness to the challenging field of early imprinting, shining a light into the areas of deepest suffering and supporting those areas that need support, allowing us to heal and integrate the past.

For further reference see pioneers in the field of Birth and Prenatal Work:

Ray Castellino,  Franklyn Sills, William Sutherland, William Emerson and Randolf Stone. Deirdre Youngs.

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