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Mother and Baby Programme


This is a ground breaking series with in depth information on key topics that will bring your work with mothers and babies, children and families to a whole new level.

This is designed for Healthcare Professionals who work with mothers and babies, and children and families. It will help professionals gain new insights and understanding into the important role of early imprinting on a baby or child's behaviour and on their ability to settle and self-regulate. How to work with Mothers and Babies to support bonding and attachment is the introductory video. Pricing for 6 month Mother and Child program with full mentoring support introductory price €197  
  • Module 1 Preparation:  How best to prepare in advance of meeting your mother and child clients. The little things that will make all the difference to your work. 
  • Module 2 Early Imprinting:  Is all about the amazing field of birth and prenatal imprinting. You will see how the birth journey has a real impact on babies and children and can be the hidden piece that is holding them back in their development. 
  • Module 3 Taking a Birth History:  You will learn how best to take a birth history so that you get all the relevant information that you need to enable you to build up a clearer picture of how it has been for a mother and her baby. 
  • Module 4 Recognising patterns:  Looking at the common birth and prenatal themes, the ones that regularly show up in clinical settings when working with mothers, babies, children and families. Here you will learn how to recognize these subtle hidden patterns and dynamics. 
  • Module 5 Developing skills:  This module guides you through some of the core skills that will help you in your work with mothers, babies, children and families. Mastering these skills will empower you to facilitate real and profound change with the mothers, babies and families you work with.


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