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Mother and Baby Programme


5 part series offering deep insights to the hidden layers of working with mothers, babies, children & families.

Doing this program you will help you to look with new eyes and to learn new skills. It will bring your work in paediatrics to a whole new level.


This level 1 course is designed for Healthcare Professionals who work in paediatrics and with mothers, babies, children & families. It introduces the important topic of early imprinting. It outlines possible impacts on babies and children in terms of their behaviour and their ability to settle & self-regulate. This course follows on from the introductory video, 'How to work with Mothers and Babies to support bonding and attachment'. The 5 module Mother and Child program online training includes full mentoring support.  Investment €197 special offer €97 for the months of Oct / Nov  
  • Module 1 Preparation:  How best to prepare in advance of meeting your mother, baby & child clients. It outlines the little things that will make all the difference to your work. 
  • Module 2 Early Imprinting:  Introducing the amazing field of birth and prenatal imprinting. Learn how the birth journey has a real impact on babies & children. It can be the hidden piece that is holding children back in terms of their development. 
  • Module 3 Taking a Birth History:  Find out how best to take a birth history. Key points to getting all the relevant information that you need to enable you to build up a clearer picture of how the journey has been for mother & baby/child.
  • Module 4 Recognising patterns:  Looking at the common birth and prenatal themes, the ones that regularly show up in clinical settings when working with mothers, babies, children & families. Here you will learn how to recognize these subtle hidden patterns and dynamics. 
  • Module 5 Developing skills:  This module guides you through key skills to help you in your work. Mastering these skills will empower you to facilitate real and profound change with your mothers, babies, children & families.


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