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About Patricia Weldon

Coru registered, Chartered Physiotherapist, Prenatal & Birth Therapist, Prenatal and Perinatal Educator, 36 years clinical experience.


As a mother of four, Patricia fully understands what it is to be a parent and a mother. With 39 years clinical experience working with babies, children and families, she understands the many challenges parents and babies face especially in the early weeks and months following birth. Taking a holistic view on health, healing and development, Patricia is passionate about helping parents and babies.

While every birth is unique, all birth is physical and there is no such thing as the perfect birth. Birth a major event for both mum and baby. Birth can be traumatic, particularly when it has been a difficult birth. It can be a lonely time and it can be difficult to know where to turn for the professional advice and support that is needed. We provide a range of therapies for babies and children. In Spring 2023 we will launch a new and exciting workshop , ‘Journey into Motherhood’. More information will be available shortly.

Our mission at Understand Babies is to make life easier for parents and babies. For more information, send a message using the contact us form.


If you are a Professional who works with babies, children and families we offer training and workshops:

Self care, Trauma Informed Care and Body Centred Skills

Early Imprinting

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Patricia is a certified QQI Train the Trainer with distinction and a Certified PPNE Prenatal and Perinatal Educator. She has facilitated many workshops for Therapists and Healthcare Workers.

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Rainbows End Clinic About Patricia Weldon

"Patricia helped me in ways with my baby that I did not even know were possible. My daughter was born by c-section and was a baby who startled very easily. When I first brought her to Patricia at 2 weeks old she could immediately see that my baby was very activated and was finding it hard to regulate and stay in the calm zone for long periods. The work she did with my baby was transformative. She became a very settled, contented baby who was easily able to transition from being calm to active and back to calm again. I have learnt so much from Patricia as a new Mum and she really gets you to see everything from the baby’s perspective.
She gave me huge confidence to take the time to really understand my baby so I could respond best to her and bond deeply with her. She thought me about her energy and different signals so that I could understand better how to support her. She gave me brilliant advice on really gentle techniques for settling my baby, giving her her first baths, encouraging her to roll and all the key developmental milestones. She has been a blessing to me as a Mum and I have learnt so much from her and my daughter has gained so much from her sessions . I love her gentle, kind approach with babies and it’s enabled me to truly enjoy every moment with my little girl"

Olivia Leonard

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