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Early Start Hub at Understand Babies, Rainbows End Family Clinic

The Early Start Hub has lots of information about babies. Make life easier by finding out ways to help your baby's early development. To book an appointment contact us +353(0)868520635

For Parents

  • Parenting a newborn is not easy. There is so much that is completely new to both parents and baby.
  • You have come to the right place for help and advice.
  • Our goal with The Early Start Hub is to give you the best professional advice.
  • Discover what matters most to your baby and how to identify and support their next stage of development.
  • Discover fun ways to help your baby evolve and master new skills in line with their stage of development.
  • Send us your questions using the contact us form or email
  • We are here to help you and your baby to recover from birth and settle into life
  • To book an appointment call +353- 86-8520623


  • Online training for Healthcare Professionals:
  • Are you a professional who works with babies and children?
  • Are you interested in further training and looking for CPD points?
  • Check out our Professional Library and take the opportunity to further your professional skills.
  • Taking the mother and child online training program will give you great insights into new ways of working with babies and children. It details how early imprinting can deeply influence the behaviour of babies and children.
  • Learn about early imprinting and birth imprinting. Babies remember their birth experience and their time in the womb. These memories are recorded on a cellular, muscle memory level and are known as imprints. These imprints happen when babies are in the pre-verbal phase. As babies grow older these memories become part of their non-conscious memory and may have a significant affect on behaviour and on how babies / children view their world.
  • Learn how the world of the prenate, and the experience of the birth journey can impact on baby development.
  • Find out how you can support bonding, attachment and early development
  • Go to Professional Library for further information
    Testimonial for Mother and Child ProgramA brilliant program providing in-depth knowledge of the physical, emotional and mental aspects of conception, birth and beyond and offering a set of skills focusing on facilitating change to help mothers and babies with difficulties.  Ongoing  support and valuable feedback from Patricia made it a truly transforming learning experience on both a professional and personal level!Zsofia Szendrei PT, CST-T




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Patricia Weldon

Patricia is passionate making life easier for parents and babies. She is a Chartered Physiotherapist and Prenatal & Birth Therapist with 36yrs experience in clinical practice. Her work with babies and children is holistic and fun. Transformation comes when we work and release the patterns that are holding us back. This can be the case with early imprints, memories for the birth and prenatal time. The early imprint time is from conception to 3 yrs. Oftentimes things happen during pregnancy and birth that we did not plan for. It can be difficult for both mum and baby to process.  Through creating safe space, establishing relationship and building resource, these stuck patterns can be guided to release.

To find out more about how Understand Babies can help you on your parenting journey or with your professional development send an email to or fill out the contact form.


"Patricia you are an amazing woman and have worked miracles with our twins. Thank you so much. I cannot recommend this lady enough."

Aoife Bradley

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