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For Parents

Having a new baby can be such a rollercoaster and a very steep learning curve. We are here to help you with your baby.

Are you having problems with settling and feeding or issues with early development?

Did you and your baby have a difficult birth?

Discover what matters most to your baby.

Learn how to identify and support your baby’s next stage of development.

Find fun ways to help your baby develop and master new skills.

You have come to the right place for help and advice. Our goal is to help you and your baby.


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Patricia Weldon

Patricia is passionate about making life easier for parents and babies. Her work with babies and children is holistic and fun. Things can happen during pregnancy and birth that we did not plan for. Traumatic events leave imprints for both mum and baby. Something as simple as a baby having a sore neck can make breast feeding difficult to establish. Through therapeutic intervention these patterns can be released.  This will help baby settle and will make things much easier for mum and baby.

To find out more about how Understand Babies can help you on your parenting journey send us a message using the contact form

Patricia is also passionate about teaching and passing on her knowledge and experience to other professionals

Transformation comes when we work with and release the early imprints and patterns that are holding us back. For more information you can contact us using the contact form



"Patricia you are an amazing woman and have worked miracles with our twins. Thank you so much. I cannot recommend this lady enough."

Aoife Bradley

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