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Baby Whisper 0-12wk

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Welcome to Baby Whisper 0-12wks, video series to help you understand and guide your baby with their early physical, social, emotional and mental development.

Charlie is our model and will be helping me over the course of this series to show you how to do special exercises and activities to help your baby with their early development.
Come and join me on this journey as I guide you through the early stages of your baby’s development. Benefit by gaining confidence and understanding of your baby and their early needs.

I will show you how to help your baby learn key early developmental skills such as
• head control
• tracking and following and controlling eye movement
• rolling over

As well as other important balance skills such as head righting and body righting
All of these skills are the foundation stones of your baby’s development and are really important.

The Baby Whisper videos show you how to help your baby develop their foundation skills 0-12wks