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Tips to connect with Mother Nature, build resource and calm the deepest fears

It has come upon me like one of the deepest instinctual cravings that used to happen when I was pregnant and expecting my children. The drive is irresistible, has to be obeyed, comes from within the depths of my deepest nature. It happens every year at this time but this year the drive is even stronger than ever. Mother nature is calling me to plant and plant I must.
All around in the human world there is a level of anxiety and mayhem, not so in the world of nature. Just as so much human activity comes to a halt, all around us nature is bursting forth with the energy and drive it takes to push the seedlings forth, out of their winter slumber.
Happenings in the human world have stirred up my deepest maternal instincts., setting off all sorts of alarm bells. Like many families, I have many deep concerns for my loved one and for my clients.
I have had to work hard these past few days, concentrating on grounding and protecting my energy, work on not getting hooked into the fear and make the difficult decision to close the clinic unit thing settle down, knowing it is for the best.
On a recommendation as a great way to cleanse and detox, last night I tried out a lemon bath, it was so refreshing, I would definitely would recommend having a lemon bath.
For the past few days, unexplained symptoms of back pain, shortness of breath, (no cough!) and a feeling of being crippled arose in my body. All symptoms of fear and anxiety, I recognise. This morning acknowledging my fears in relation to my elderly parents and releasing the deepest of tears calmed these symptoms.
My parents, they are of a tougher generation, war babies, they know what physical hardship and disease in the masses is like.
They came through the years of TB and Polio. They are not afraid.
They are practical!
The 90th party has been called off. Grandchildren instructed to stay away.
Having lived a full life time of thinking of others, my mother casually mentioned, yesterday, that she had walked with the dog up to the neighbours house, (about a quarter of a mile away), and left some rhubarb at the gate keeping her ‘social distance’.
Today she would walk in the other direction to the other neighbours with some rhubarb.
”It will give them something to do and think about rather than moping around” she said.
Hers is a deep practical love, always thinking of others even if they are grandchild number 22 or great grandchild number 4.
My emotion is deep as I acknowledge her greatness. The greatness of all our parents and grandparents and their deep wisdom. All the things that life has taught them. How they live and embody that learning and pass it on to the rest of us. They have lived their whole lives in touch with nature and her rhythms. They understand her mysteries and her ways.
Nature has always been my healer. Nature goes through her seasons and this is her season of emergence, There is no emergency in her aspect right now. The seeds are growing, the birds are singing and the flowers are flowering…the signs are that all is well.
The winter has been long and now it is over. It is important to remind ourselves of this at this time of great human anxiety. Nature is alive. It is springtime and there is lots of energy in the air.
Some tips to build energy, calm and hope:
1. Take some time outside today to let nature reassure you and help you balance your energy.
2. Consider planting seeds and showing your children how to plant seeds. This way they will be empowered and know that not all food comes from the supermarket shelves. They will learn that they can influence nature and help plants to grow and produce edibles for them to enjoy
3. Connect deeply with mother earth, allow your energy to drop down through your body out of your head and into your feet. Feel your feet sink into mother earth. Feel for the support beneath your feet. Take a few deep breaths. Turn off the news and enjoy the bird song.

Recipe for Lemon Bath:
take 3 or 4 lemons, cut them in quarters and soak them in a bowl of warm water for one hour. Fill up bath with hot water (not too hot) Infuse lemons into bath water. Hop in and soak in luxury for 20 mins. Enjoy

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