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Baby development videos for parents and mother and child program for professionals

The mother and child online training program for professionals

A series of 6 modules:

Module 1: Preparation

Module 2:Taking a Birth History

Module 3: Early Imprinting

Module 4:Recognising Patterns

Module 5:Facilitating Change

Module 6: Skype session Question and Answer

In this course you will learn:

  • How to structure your sessions to get very successful outcomes  when working mothers and  babies.
  • How to take a Birth History so that you can pick out the hidden details that are of key significance
  • All about Early Imprinting, Birth Patterns and how to recognise them
  • Practical ways to ground and prepare yourself for sessions
  • How to support your mother and baby clients so they they can move forward in their development

Through out this course you will have mentoring support so that all your questions can be heard and addressed. This support will be via email and video link with Patricia Weldon, Chartered Physiotherapist in Paediatrics, Prenatal & Birth Therapist, Author, trainer, Mentor.

Following completion of the online training you will be invited to continue your learning through mentoring and taking part in workshops. At present these will be conducted online.

Here is what a graduate has to say about the Mother and Child Program:


”A brilliant program providing in-depth knowledge of the physical, emotional and mental aspects of conception, birth and beyond and offering a set of skills focusing on facilitating change to help mothers and babies with difficulties.  Ongoing  support and valuable feedback from Patricia made it a truly transforming learning experience on both a professional and personal level!”

Zsofia Szendrei  PT, CST-T




The Early Start Hub

making life easier for parents and babies

Your baby is developing so quickly, layering skills on top previously mastered skills.

In order to progress easily in their development there are some key skills that your baby needs to master in the first 12wks. Check out the Baby Whisper videos for ways in which you can help your baby.

If you have any queries or need some support please contact


Baby Whisper 0-12 wks for parents

short 2 min videos describing step by step how to help your baby develop key motor skills in their first 3 months.

These developmental skills form the foundation for all later skills and are very important for your baby’s development. Practise these exercises and activities with your baby every day to help them learn how to control and  master their body movement.