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Baby/ Child Physio, Prenatal & Birth Therapy, Professional CPD online Training, Workshops.

Understand Babies at Rainbows End Clinic

We provide a range of Therapies for babies and children:

  • Paediatric Physiotherapy or Baby Physio
  • Breast feeding support. Frequently Breast feeding issues are caused by birth and prenatal imprints. Where there are restrictions to baby’s head or neck this will impact on feeding
  • Prenatal & Birth work. This is a fantastic therapy that greatly helps repattern and integrate Birth Trauma

If you are concerned about your baby’s development, have an issue with regard to feeding or an issue in relation to your baby’s birth, please contact us.

UB Training at Understand Babies

We provide CPD online training and in person workshops for Professionals who work with mothers, babies, children & families.

Mother and Child Program online training has 5 modules. This program outlines the importance of early imprinting and introduces key practitioner skills to transform your practice. It is available for purchase in our shop and is at a special discounted price for Oct/Nov

Workshops as follows:

  • Creating SAFETY & SELF-CARE
  • Working on the Edge of Trauma
  • Bonding and Attachment
  • Journey into Motherhood / Parenthood


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"The Mother and Child Programme is a brilliant program providing in-depth knowledge of the physical, emotional and mental aspects of conception, birth and beyond and offering a set of skills focusing on facilitating change to help mothers and babies with difficulties. Ongoing support and valuable feedback from Patricia made it a truly transforming learning experience on both a professional and personal level!"

Zsofia Szendrei

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