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Magic Moments

Magic Moments

What a great thing to do to forget about the washing and play with baby instead.

Babies are only little for such a short time and every one of your smiles and every piece of your attention makes their world. Like wrapping a soft warm blanket around them it keeps them safe in this world. By the time your child gets to school age, they will have thousands of mum’s (and Dad’s) blankets wrapped around them so that if someone does take one away by saying a bad word, your child will still have plenty left, keeping them safe, resilient and warm.

So when that basket of washing tries to make you feel guilty, just ignore it!

What Baby has to say is far more important.

The magic moments usually don’t announce themselves in advance.

When your baby calls asking to be picked up, played with and chatted to, it is a wonderful thing. Your time responding to your baby is what makes their social and emotional brain become strong and resilient. The memories will be with you and with them forever.

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