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Baby Cues………… reading your baby’s body language

Baby Cues………… reading your baby’s body language

Body language is our first language. We inherently know and understand body language. Over 70% of all communication is body language. Babies use body language to communicate and express their feelings, thoughts and emotions. A Baby’s body language is subtle, and can vary from the slightest movement of one finger to a full blown reaction. To listen to baby’s innate expression watch them while they are calm or sleeping. Stay really calm, quiet and relaxed so as not to add any tension. Notice the really subtle movements and unique expressions that your baby makes. Widening of the eyes, subtle movements of the hands, fingers and toes…….. movements of the little muscles of the lips and face……. these all tell something about what a baby is feeling at any point in time. Changes in breathing pattern and the rate of the heart beat tell about the nervous system and whether baby is in a state of calm or is on alert.

Even when your baby is asleep, you will notice lots of different expressions on your baby’s face and different ways in which your baby moves their body. These are the unique ways in which your baby expresses him or herself and they are unique to them. Allow your own body to feel for your baby’s rhythms. As well as our eyes, ears, nose and hands, our gut and our heart give us lots of information. Today take some time to pay attention to how your heart feels when you are holding your little one. Practise relaxing your gut by taking some deep breaths and letting go on the outbreath. Take time out to practice tuning into your baby’s body language.

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