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5 tips to settle your baby from Early Start Hub #Understand Babies at Rainbows End Clinic

5 tips for settling your baby

1. Slow down
(babies go 10 times slower than adults, slowing down helps settle feelings of overwhelm)

2. Chose one position and stay with it.
(quickly changing a baby’s position causes disorientation, choosing one position helps baby orient and settle into that position)

3. Talk to your baby and tell them what’s happening.
(this helps baby get ready for change and prepare for what is coming next.
It also helps your baby to learn sequences of what happens when and in which order)

4. Breath slowly and deeply.
(babies are masters at reading body language. Babies are primed for survival. Breath holding is a sign of alarm or danger)

5. Smile.
(smiling releases the jaw, relaxes the muscles of the face, diffuses tension in the body and resets the nervous system)



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